​BaldeyKino V3.2 Changelog
- Added a 12 large spruce field all along the main road.
- Added the complete Pony Ranch from Ravenport map.
- Added all the correct info in the .xml files so Restaurant & Ranch sell point now fully work.
- Added Restaurant & Ranch sell point to PDA Map.
- Added cotton to both Restaurant and Ranch sell point.
- Added both woodchips and wood selling point to the PDA Map. (One is woodchips, other wood)
- Fixed some minor issues.
- Checked animal gameplay with sheeps, all works good so far.
- Checked grass gameplay, all works good so far.
- Checked placebility of placables on farm area's, works all good so far.
- This is the last update for 4/5 days, so I can now completely test the map.

BaldeyKino V3.1 Changelog
- Took care of the last floating items
- Added a 11th small field with stage4_spruce trees
- Added the restaurant from the Ravenport maps with sell point for eggs
- Added the Horse ranch sellpoint from the Ravenport map for horses
- Added the missing water in the map
- Made some roads more smooth
- Should have fixed the .zip file. No extra directory in there anymore. Should be good in Mods in .zip

BaldeyKino V3.0 Map by JK-edits changelog

- Took the editted Baldeykino V2.0 map by Tomi098
- Removed all the maple trees, all the birch trees are still there and grouped more tightly
- Added 10 fields with stage4 Spruce Trees (about 750/1000 in total, so there is a logging opp. now 2)
- Increased the yards, added a complete seperate empty yard
- Replaced the water with the creek water from the org Ravenport map
- Added some more logical shortcuts to fields
- Repainted all the roads ROUGH_DIRT (traffic is still there)
- Removed all 2D bushes, placed the border 2D more neatly.

BaldeyKino V2.0 by Tomi098 log:

12 buyable fields + meadows
buyable all areas (fs19 area)
Multisilo By Tomi098 – 500k litres , support all fruit type, include silage, straw, grass, and hay..
Crops selling price increased to 2.5x (default value is 1 )
Tautvis, edit by Tomi098 re-edit by JK-edits